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School History/Facilities

Emerging Minds Montessori Academy (EMMA), founded in 2008, is an authentic and private Montessori school serving children ages 2 through 8th grade in Delray Beach, Florida. The campus spreads across 5 acres, bordered by a beautiful nature area, secured with fencing, security camera system, and is gated with tele-entry system. Our 20,000+ sq. ft. two-story building houses an indoor gymnasium, classrooms, and offices. There is also an adjacent single-story building which is utilized as a restroom/locker facility in conjunction with the aquatic center (outdoor saltwater pool). 


Our program is designed to fulfill the needs of the whole child. We strongly follow the principals of Dr. Maria Montessori, which is based on the philosophy that children learn best when engaged in purposeful activity. It is our position that every child is an individual who deserves to be respected and honored and should be given lessons according to his/her unique style and potential in a clean, safe, well-equipped environment. Our teachers, staff, and families are partners in promoting good character and values, such as kindness, compassion, respect for all living things, as well as respect and care for the environment. Together we are committed to helping the child become aware of his/her responsibility and importance within the community. It is our goal to provide every child with a strong academic foundation, to help build a positive self-image, encourage continued community service, and to inspire them to become self-motivated independent, lifelong learners. Emerging Minds Montessori Academy fully embraces diversity.  We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religious beliefs, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.


Our entire staff is committed to providing a nurturing, safe, environment in which your child can develop. Learn more about our staff here.

Observational Cameras

In keeping with the open door policy known to many Montessori schools, Emerging Minds Montessori Academy has installed observational web cameras in each Preschool classroom. Montessori classrooms commonly have a one-way window for parents to view the children at work without disrupting the class. We have made use of modern technology to enhance this concept and bring the open door policy to parents’ fingertips.

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