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Pre-Primary Program

Primary  Program

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Secondary Program

All of our staff are life-long learners and committed to furthering their knowledge in many areas.  We are all committed to ensuring that our environment is safe, conducive to learning and remains authentic to the Montessori philosophy.  All lead teachers at EMMA are trained at the level in which they teach.  The staff is encouraged to continue their education yearly through conferences which the school attends together as well as classes independently chosen by each staff member.  In addition to regular continuing education hours, our highly trained staff members are required to maintain certificates in the following areas: CPR/First Aid and blood-borne pathogens, Food Handler, Active Bleed, and Fire Extinguisher training. 

As you will see, we come from different backgrounds and have different skill sets. What we all share is our strong belief in the Montessori philosophy and our mission to reach youth to educate them and prepare them for the world as independent, global thinkers. In addition to an exceptional academic education, they need to learn practical life skills and understand and respect nature in order to be successful functioning members of society. It is our mission to provide an exceptional, authentic, Montessori education to students of all socio-economic backgrounds.

The best way to change the world and make it a better place is to educate the children. As Maria Montessori said, “If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are makers of men”.

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