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Pre-Primary Program

Ages 2-4


Ankita Tolani

Pre-Primary Lead Guide


Megan Smith

Pre-Primary Guide


Vanessa Louis

Pre-Primary Assistant Guide

Pre-Primary Program: Ages 2-3

Our program is designed and offered as a 5-day full-time or 5-day part-time program. Limited part-time spaces available.


The child at this age is like a “sponge” absorbing knowledge from the world in which he lives. This period is the most critical since the greatest changes take place at this stage in life.​ The classroom is set up to facilitate this natural growth and development.  It is designed to foster independence and self-discovery.  Equipped with age-appropriate learning materials and child-sized furniture makes the entire room enticing and easily accessible to the child.

The Guides in our Pre-Primary classroom are committed to establishing a sense of trust and security between adult and child.  The goal is that each child moves toward independence.  Rather than control activities and attempt to train, the Guides offer assistance as the child’s natural abilities manifest.

Characteristics of a Pre-Primary Child:

  • The innate desire for independence –“Help me to help myself

  • Focus is on movement, language, and the development of the senses

  • Desire to understand and find their place in their community


Goals of the Pre-Primary Program

  • Help the children develop: 

    • Independence

    • Concentration

    • Sense of order

    • Language skills

    • Fine motor coordination

    • Gross motor coordination

    • Self-care skills

    • Socialization skills


  • Curriculum:

    • Practical Life

    • Sensorial

    • Mathematics

    • Language

    • Cultural Studies

    • Gardening

    • Art

    • Foreign Language 

Pre-Primary Gallery

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