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What makes us different?


  • Webcams – Secure login provided to observe your child in his/her preschool classroom.

  • Security – We have added additional security features above what is required by childcare regulations.  Regulations require a 4’ fence around the playground; however, we felt that 6’ would be more secure.  In addition to the cameras installed in all the classrooms and outside, we have installed sound alarms on all doors. All doors remain locked and alarmed.  

  • Low staff/child ratios

  • Early / Late hours to support parent’s work schedules

  • School / Staff dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and working toward legislation requiring Montessori schools to adhere to a minimum set of Montessori standards.

  • American Montessori Society – Member School (

  • International Montessori Council – Membership – seeking Accreditation (

  • Training / Education / Certifications – All of our lead teachers hold Montessori Certifications. Each year all teachers attend 3-4 days of Montessori training to remain current.

  • All of our staff have current child First Aid / CPR (instead of the 1 per 50 children that the regulations require)

  • Monthly Rotation of Materials – to entice the student to return to certain areas of the classroom for repetition (preschool only)

  • Study of different Artists/Composers/Continents/Poets/Famous Americans

  • A family-like atmosphere allows each staff member to know all the children/families as well as each child to know all of the students in the school.

  • Community Service - teaching the children about the needs of those in our community and how we can help. Some examples – making cards for the Fire/Police department and singing to the seniors at a local center on the weekend (with parent participation)

  • In-House Field Trips for the Preschool allow the students to experience new activities in the safety of their regular school environment. (Example Fire Department/Librarian/Vet/Police/etc.)

  • Field Trips for the Elementary & Middle School are connected to current studies.

  • Green School – We teach the children about the earth and how to best preserve it for future generations

  • Strong Minds – Strong Minds is a voluntary program that preschools in the State of Florida can join.  They inspect you more often and hold the school to a higher standard but provide awesome resources to benefit the students.

  • Library / Quiet area is provided to allow the children to safely “step out” when they become frustrated to help them learn inner discipline and the skills necessary when life has those frustrating moments.

  • Active Involved PTA

    • Fundraiser

    • Raffles

    • Events

    • Annual Gala


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